“I’m tired of fighting. I’ve always known that I can’t be an action star all my life.” ~Jackie Chan

I am not sure what to fill you in on first …

This weekend I found out that my next door neighbor works directly with the State’s Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. They are buds! Yes, I sent a long email that contained the official complaint against the Nurse Coordinator of School Health Services and lots of proof of negligence and civil rights violations.

This morning we went to the big city children’s hospital for the urinary reflux testing. Do I tell you about the fact that there was no one to pick Pearlsky up and put her on the ultrasound table … no one for a two person lift, no lift, nada. Do I go into how they did a renal ultrasound (kidney, bladder) while she was in her chair?

No, maybe I’ll tell you about the other test that they did not tell us about, that I had to walk all over the hospital with Pearlsky to go to a test where the lady looked at me and said …

She’ll have to pee on demand. We have a special toilet for her to sit on.

You’re shitting me, right?


Good luck (I said, while laughing).

They cancelled the test. Have I told you I hate idiots?

I can tell you the punch line that Pearlsky’s kidneys have both grown proportionally (one was smaller due to reflux / infections in the past). One still probably only works 33% as opposed to 50%, but they both look healthy. The doctor thinks maybe the many UTI’s are from her bladder not fully emptying … but no way to know. Thanks, big city hospital doc. (All in all, very good news)

Or maybe I should tell you about the rather long email I got from the Nurse Coordinator of School Health Services this afternoon. The one she copied the Assistant Superintendent, the doctor who consults to the district, the nurses who work for her, Pearlsky’s teacher, everyone. The same email that I responded to by interspersing my remarks within her sentences, twisting her words back on her, making her look like the complete and total ass she is?

Or I can tell you about the email she then sent two hours later, all of the sudden calling me “Mr. SingleDad,” and ending with the words “We will make every effort to work with you on this.”

I am tired, totally, freaking exhausted and I thank god I’m not a miner.


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