Is it only second degree?

So, I hire new nannies to take care of my daughter. Two, actually, figuring a back up is a good idea. One can work Saturdays, the other after school during the week, and both during vacations. That worked, I found two great women, great references, happen to somewhat know one of them.

I work two blocks from the house, so I get home easily. The nanny’s second day, during school vacation, I walk home at 12:10 to see if my daughter got her noon meds, or if I should help.

I walk in the door and there is my daughter in her chair, hanging out, facing nothing, not the TV, nothing. And the nanny?

Sound asleep on the couch. Under a blanket. UNDER A BLANKET. Now, read that again, yes, under a blanket.

Why does that piss me off more than the rest of it? The “under the blanket” part? Well, in a simple word: premeditation. The nap was premeditated. She KNEW she was going to sleep.



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