[motion of] No Confidence issue

Email just sent to the new “High School Special Education Coordinator.”

Subject: [motion of] No Confidence issue

I really need you to understand that my daughter is not only severely disabled, she has absolutely no communication. I am not able to do what every parent does every day, that is to ask her “how was your day at school?” I cannot ask her how she got the major bruises on her arm (she came home bruised from illegal restraints in your school and it took three days to find out), she cannot report if she received all her medications, if she was fed, etc. I put her on the bus in the morning with full trust, confidence and total fear, knowing she is in the hands of some para-professionals and teachers who may or may not have her best interest. It is all trust. It is all confidence.

Last week your secretary called me and told me that she was scheduling the meeting I requested. I never requested a meeting. She told me that you told her to do this since, again, I requested it. That was simply not true, you and I never spoke nor met nor did I even know who you were. I never requested – of anyone – a meeting. The entire premise was false. I asked her who would be at the meeting and she said you, me and the occupational therapist.

You called the next day and assured me that you had spoken to the occupational therapist “at the end of the day yesterday” and you told me that Pearlsky “never had two consecutive OT sessions in one day.” Actually, she did, about 4 hours before you spoke to the OT. That was a direct … falsehood and I showed you the OT’s signed note proving such.

I specifically asked you who would be at the meeting. I actually asked you twice, and both times you said “me, you and the OT.” As a matter of fact, the second time I asked, you asked me “why?” I told you that I did not like surprises, that in order to prepare for a meeting I needed to know the agenda and who was attending. As for your answer of “me, you and the OT,” you yet again misled me, and never corrected this information at anytime before the meeting.

Let’s recap:

Your secretary says you told her I wanted this meeting. False.

Your secretary told me the meeting would be me, you, and the OT. False.

You told me Pearlsky never had back-to-back therapy sessions. False.

You twice said the meeting would be me, you, and the OT. False. False.

I assume you knew at some point before 11 AM today that you would not be at the meeting and S. would be. You chose not to inform me. And this was the meeting that you called, not me.

I need to have confidence and trust in the people who are in charge of my daughter seven hours of the day.

I have absolutely no confidence nor trust in you or your abilities.

That scares the daylights out of me.


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