My head hurts

Want to know why?

  1. School sends an email wanting to know why I have stopped sending in Pearlsky’s iPod. How do I politely say “so you can spend your time with her trying to get her to communicate, or interact with her, and just not put on her headphones and ignore her”?
  2. Is a queer 26-year-old non-verbal, wheelchair bound, college graduate with cerebral palsy and a discreet video camera on her chair scary or cool? How about the fact that she writes emails to wheelchair companies that wrong her (although I would bet she inflates numbers a tad)? (I think I vote for cool).
  3. “I cut the back off her winter coats so she can wear them in the chair without causing a commotion putting it on … looks good, works well …” so, Claire, how about we go into business? This is a great idea, and it gives me others.
  4. Pearlsky needs new jeans. We need to buy boy’s jeans because the woman’s jeans ride too low and until they start making boyshort or hipster diapers (yes, I have looked) we need the higher waists. But do we try them on in the men’s or ladies’ changing room?
  5. The man or woman from the DME company that comes to help pick and fit a wheelchair for your kid (or you) is most likely a rehabilitation technology supplier (RTS). Impressive? I decided to try and figure out what exactly an RTS is. It appears the basic thing is to be a member of this non-profit (but not tax-exempt) organization, National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers. Ok, then, what does it take to be a member of said organization? Not much of substance. You need to work for a DME at least a year, get some recommendations from people you have a working relationship with and do some continuing education. And the continuing education? Here are the next two sessions offered … got to love the second one …
    • 01-19-2010, To Sit or Not to Sit
      With clinicians being challenged to progress patient’s progress with functional activity, it is imperative a paradigm shift occurs in the development of treatment plans. This interactive workshop will discuss current best evidence regarding the rationale to sit someone while they have a pressure ulcer. …
    • 01-21-2010, Wheelchair Use in Everyday Life
      The use of wheelchairs and seating systems by users throughout their day is largely unknown. A more comprehensive understanding of wheelchair use in everyday life can be useful within clinical, policy and design arenas. …

    No wonder I know more about her chair than our RTS …

Did I tell you my head hurts?


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