“Never eat more than you can lift.” ~Miss Piggy

I must say that for years I have had nutritionists on the level of social workers. Okay, maybe a step above, but it is a very small step. I will post another time on the WIC nutritionists I had to deal with when my daughter was younger.

The doctors pretty much agree that my daughter won’t be growing any more. The concern now is that her weight needs to be maintained. That is fine with me, but I won’t let her go hungry, so I need to learn more. I have never dieted so I am not all that sure how to cut or maintain calories and not be hungry.

Off to the nutritionist we go.

We get to the office, in a clinic in our big fancy big city children’s hospital and of course they first send us to get weighed and measured. Once again, I say I don’t lift her, the woman looks at me dumbfounded. She asks the last time she was weighed at the hospital, I say “four years ago, maybe”  and all she does is say “go back to the waiting room.” Idiot.

We met with the nutritionist for almost an hour. I still don’t really see the point. The woman was very nice, well informed and tried to be helpful. All that came out of it was to try to limit caloric intake to about 1200 and we will see what happens. Go for high fiber food, especially in the evening, to keep hunger at bay. Try one full “regular” meal (as opposed to just Pediasure) with fruits and veggies if possible. I just can’t see trying to figure out the calories in a meal … I know people do it, and I have multiple engineering degrees, but it just ain’t gonna happen. Unless it really really really has to.

At least she was not condescending nor did she use tables or math to figure things out. After all, my daughter does not exercise in any form, we don’t really know her height …

And I won’t feed her more than she can lift.


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