Night terrors

Over the years I have been told often that most often this population dies from aspiration … basically the wrong stuff being sucked into the lungs. Typically, in our case, it means a disabled person refluxing or vomiting while in bed and suffocating on it. Pleasant thought, no? I’ve lived 16 years knowing this.

Luckily, in humans, hearing never really sleepsĀ (as opposed to this really cool fact on birds). That is why we awake to sounds, our brains still process them, even during sleep. That is why baby monitors work.

So, last night my daughter got sick … she threw up in bed at 11:00. Then again at 1:30 … then again around 3 …

So, no more wondering why there is a medical suction machine on her headboard, ok? Oh, and yeah, would you fall back asleep … or listen and wait … and pray?

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