“No matter how many times I tell you she’ll break your heart, or how many times she does it, you’ll never give up, Why you ask?…because you love her.” ~Josh Hartnett

Now let’s go the other way …

  • amazes with glimpses of a hell of a personality
  • saved a child in England
  • work with lawmakers to fix No Child Left Behind
  • pees, poops, and bleeds on her dad, then laughs
  • teaches unconditional love
  • makes people more religious
  • enjoys life
  • a pioneer with the school district
  • makes people less religious
  • bringing fantastic people to her daddy
  • moved medical knowledge forward
  • makes her dad look like a great dad
  • joining people who would have never met
  • forces people to learn priorities
  • made her dad a better man
  • teaches newbie therapists a lot
  • makes grown men smile
  • passes along great hand-me-downs
  • teaches patience
  • brings joy to many
  • can be funny, purposely
  • doesn’t take drugs 😉
  • woke up wheelchair manufacturer
  • makes people think
  • teaches tolerance

At the statehouse with the house minority leader, and other senators, demanding changes to the laws!


There is an incredible amount that Pearlsky cannot do, yet there is an equally incredible amount that she does do. Go figure.


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