Shake, rattle and roll

Rita Rudner once commented, upon hearing of a woman in labor for over 24 hours, “I can’t think of anything I love doing that I’d want to do for 24 hours straight!”

How long would you choose to have a seizure? A minute, ten? How about 72? How about having your brain taken over by demons of the random electrical firing kind and just going crazy for 72 minutes? Sound like fun?

Ok, let’s not think about that. Let’s think about it  happening to your adored daughter. Tonight. And nothing stops it. Enough Valium to fell Secretariat does not faze the demons. So you hold her. While she shakes, while she cries. Seventy two minutes … been taught to time them for absolutely no reason.

Could call some doctor on call. Seeing that the only mention of her diagnosis, and that of her brother, in all the medical research is pretty much based on them, the first two diagnosed with this shit, well, doctor’s don’t really help. And seizures, well, I have the same tools here that they do.

Yeah, most schools of thought say the seizures don’t cause damage.

F–k that, I never did like school much.


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