Something goes right!

We went on a field trip … a six hour drive to my parents. Me, my daughter, and in case I had to pee, a friend (kidding on the reason …). The trip there was uneventful. On the ride home, two hours left to drive, the “you have electrical problems, pal” idiot light on the dashboard lights up. Normally it means the generator is not generating and when the battery dies, the car will, too.

I shut down all the electical things I could, cracked the windows open in case I could not soon, stayed in the right hand lane, and kept an eye on the mile markers so I knew where I was for the tow truck! But what would happen?

Usually, a tow truck will take one or two people. We were two adults and a teenager in a wheelchair. Where would we go? How? Does AAA send wheelchair vans?

As my way, no panic, not even upset. Just watching and trying to figure out the “what ifs.”

Made it to my driveway with the light still on. But what if … ?

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