Suffer fools gladly … not

(Not really about Pearlsky … but I have a thing for sharing.)

In one of the companies I own we sell things to people that they put into their thing. Actually very simple. We need to make our things robust enough so that their thing can’t hurt our thing, and we want it to just work so they are happy with our thing, and more importantly, their thing is happier than before our thing.

My support here is frustrated with a customer and they send me the email trail. Apparently this company has destroyed five of our things with their thing. Scary thing, their thing. The funny thing is that I worked at that company about twenty years ago when it was new, and the day I quit I left a long note for the boss as to why their thing would probably kill someone someday (and that was not the intent). Now it is just killing my thing.

So, I ask said company for a picture of their thing, this being the modern era and all. “Please send me the specifications for your thing,” says I, in the hope that I can figure out why their thing is, well, not such a thing-friendly thing.

They send me enough information so I can mass produce their thing! (fools) Pictures, engineering drawings, etc. What a turn on! So I am waist deep in thing, their thing. But I cannot find where to stick my thing. So I write, “I cannot find a place for my thing, and that is what I need to see.”

“Oh, sorry” they say, “I thought it was there.” (fools)

So they send me more about their thing. I can now do surgery on their thing blindfolded, but alas, I can find no place for my thing. (fools)

I tell them that I cannot help them unless I know what they are doing with my thing. (fools) They then send photos, 8 x 10 color glossies, no less, of the thing they made to make my thing attach to their thing! (fools) But still, I don’t see an inny for my thing. Nothing on the thing-to-thing thing can take my thing either.

I finally ask them to send me a picture of my thing in their thing. Not just their thing, not just the thing-to-thing thing, I want the whole thing. I need an explicit, full frontal, show all photo of my thing in their thing.

Know what I got? Not a damn thing. Hours spent this morning, deep into their thing, exploring, looking, jerking around, and I am still where I started. Holding my thing and not getting where they put my thing into their thing, nor more importantly, why their thing blows my thing. (fools)

Damn. I could use a school nurse or a social worker right about now. Not. But I do have a thing for Aphrodite


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