Terror du jour …

Today’s email to our favorite doctor

Have I told you recently I hate the world? 😉

My daughter is fine, now. This is very bizarre, and I may never have explained to you my “one time theory.” Basically, something happens once, we sort of ignore it (or don’t panic). When she refuses to eat at all one day (happens), I don’t care, the second day I wonder. One whacked out seizure, if not followed by another, well, we don’t call it in. Seems to work well.

We had one hour from hell yesterday. She did not stop coughing (remember I was a paramedic, her airway was fine). It got pretty bad. She then started having neurological issues, tough to explain, but she just “was not there.” I did not know which caused which … coughing causing seizure or vice versa. As you know, I gave her Delsym and Advil and was prepared to give her Valium. She really “wasn’t there” for about half the time, I saw it in her eyes, etc. A pretty solid hour of the coughing, almost non-stop. I know I would have had a very rough throat and hurting chest at that point if it was me. She did “produce” a very very mucosy something (some Pediasure mixed with whatever) that was a cross between weird and The Exorcist. That was just once. Yes, I put my clothes directly in the laundry. Then I had her lie on her side when it all subsided. She was wide awake, but mellow for about 15 minutes. And then … normal. Absolutely fine. I never really slept last night, more listening, but nothing. Today, as fine as ever, happy, etc.

So, you’re the doctor. You tell me … wtf?

They say you’re supposed to keep your doctor informed. Can she fire us?


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