The three stages: pissed off, flabbergasted, laughing

Very short recap … I got Pearlsky’s progress report. It is a report on how she is doing relative to her IEP goals over the last several months. It had things in there that the school has known for over a year that they are no longer allowed to do. I wrote an email to the Special Education Coordinator, cc’ing the teacher. The Coordinator asked around and did verify that no one is doing those actions. Here, ladies and gentlemen of the blog readership is the teacher’s entire response:

I made a mistake on the progress reports and accidently wrote on and sent out progress reports on the old IEP. I will send out the correct reports on the new IEP before the end of the week.

Sorry for this mistake and inconvenience

Let’s look at the last line first. He references his “mistake.” Now the first line defines said mistake “accidently [sic] wrote on and sent out progress reports on the old IEP.” Got that? He is saying his mistake was basing the progress report “on the old IEP.” He does not make any reference to the fact that he just made shit up.

I went easy on him. My response was sent to him, the Coordinator, and the Assistant Superintendent.

To recap what you are saying …

To write Pearlsky’s progress report you looked at her IEP.

You then wrote on the progress report fabrications about what she has been doing, based on what the IEP said she should be doing.

You are now apologizing for basing your lies on an old IEP.

You stated in the report that you were continuing to use physical restraints on Pearlsky and having her listen to her iPod when neither are true and passed these along as facts. The progress report is a fabrication, and you do not dispute that. Now you state that you are “sorry” for the “mistake” of basing your totally erroneous, made up report on “the old IEP.”

Note that the “inconvenience” you mention was my reading that you have been continuing to illegally restrain my daughter in ways that have permanently scared her body. I read this the first day of spring break and had no way of verifying that these actions were or were not continuing.

You have done many things wrong concerning Pearlsky, both physically and mentally, but these fabrications of facts on a legal document are different.

“Sorry for this mistake” is a meaningless sentiment and as it does not qualify as an apology, hence, there is none for me to not accept.

Thank you for the clarification.

Have I mentioned that I hate idiots?


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