The Wolf came a knockin’ …

The Chief Operation Officer of National Seating and Mobility (NSM), Sandi, has had enough with the wheelchair debacle and finally took charge! Now, remembering the video rant of this guy (which has been watched 100’s of times!) over my wheelchair woes, she sent Winston Wolf (“The Wolf”) over to the house …

And just like in the movie, Winston took right over. Tape measures, pads of paper, calls to manufacturers, spewing words like abduction, hyperextension, range of motion, tone, flexion, hypotonic, hypertonic and all the while a wry smile and an air of self confidence.

Two and a half hours later Winston says …

Well, before I came I thought it would just be a matter of ordering a new back or something simple. Turns out the only part of this chair we will save is the seat belt. Every other part will be re-ordered and we will construct the correct chair for your daughter in a couple of weeks.

Followed by a smile and a “have a good day.”

So we are getting an entire new wheelchair (the third in two months, but who’s counting?). One that meets all of Pearlsky’s needs, all the features I need in the chair, one that works! We are, to say the least, very excited.

It took a bit of bitching complaining emailing on my part, but once the problem came to the attention of the right person at NSM (and it appears Sandi is definitely the right person) things got moving in the right direction.

Oh, and in all fairness, Winston looked nothing like Harvey Keitel. She was younger, prettier, better educated, wonderfully gentle with Pearlsky, tolerant of Pearlsky’s father, and, well, only had a bit in common with Winston Wolf. So, for this week at least, we have TWO new best friends, Mala A. of National Seating and Sandi!

Next wheelchair update in a few weeks …


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