Three emails are better than two, no?

First, the email sent to both of Pearlsky’s teachers on Saturday …

Pearlsky’s wheelchair came home on Friday with two problems. Her cup holder was broken and in her backpack and the control to recline the back of the chair is likewise broken.

Can you explain how these two things happened?

It is claimed that the aide put her tea in the cup holder and broke it, no one bothered to tell me. As for the recline control, “we don’t use it.”

Then on Sunday I got an email from the guy that ran the summer program last year. I actually liked him, if you remember, everyone failed him and it made for a horrendous summer for Pearlsky. He was saying that he was glad that Pearlsky was in the program this summer. My response, cc’d to everyone in the administration, up to and including the superintendent …

Pearlsky’s mom and I are excited about Pearlsky being in the summer program. I want to make a couple of quick points exceedingly clear, and I have cc’d those involved with the problems from last year. You had great ideas and intentions last year, and this year, with MS’s oversight, I am sure your ideas and intentions will come to fruition. You have our full support.

Pearlsky has our permission to participate in EVERY outing, event, trip, activity, class, etc. that is offered to the class. We want, and expect, Pearlsky to be allowed to participate and to be included in all events. Most importantly, since there were “misunderstandings” last year, we request that you DO NOT accept anyone’s word that we do not want Pearlsky to participate. Unless you get it in writing from me or her mom, Pearlsky is to participate fully, every time. Any time that someone raises an issue that would not allow Pearlsky full and equal participation, any time that her rights under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 173 (FAPE, etc.) or her IEP are questioned or violated, we want to know immediately so that they can be rectified as necessary. And, as you learned last year, Pearlsky gets PT, OT, SLP, and vision therapies, and she needs to be fed by someone who knows how to feed her. And there are NEVER any imaginary “toileting issues,” never were, never have been, never will be.

I know how this sounds, but hopefully none if these issues will be revisited. Take her to the pond, other waterfronts, downtown, museums, restaurants, swimming pools, parks, anywhere … and have a great summer.

Again, you have our full support.

Then Pearlsky comes home today and I am forced to send this email. I sent it to the wonderful special ed coordinator, just tired of dealing with the others.

Subject: Want to know why I hate the world?

I will give you a gazillion dollars if you get someone to tell you how this happened. We noticed it while taking off her coat when she got home. It hurts her when I touch it.



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