We are both back. Scary, no?

By now, EVERYONE has seen my interview. Well, not everyone, but we will get to that in a bit.

I do need to make some corrections, apologies and acknowledgements.

I talk about Elise, how we dated for “five or six years … I should have married her.” Well, as Elise so gently pointed out to me, it was SEVEN YEARS, SEVEN not five or six. So, it was seven. SEVEN.

The heat of the interview lights and the high pressure from the interviewer conspired to make me forget the title that Cerberus held at the residential facility where she worked. She was the “Head Nurse” … ok, I have been told that that term is archaic and, well after living with her for six months, no, we will not call her a head nurse. She was the Nurse Manager.

Freya is upset that she is not even mentioned. That is an artifact of editing, of which I had no control. With her being such an influence in who I am today, well, it is what it is. There are allusions to her in there, for what that is worth. I owe her a lot.

Oh, and yes Yelena, “statuesque” is a complement. Absolutely.

And Clotho? Yeah, should have married her when I had the chance.

Please feel free (alright, encouraged) to pass the videos on to others. You can cut and paste this link (http://conversationlibrary.org/project/single-dad/) and just put it in your Facebook status! Or on your blog. I am hoping that Ellen sees it, I go on her show with Pearlsky and finally get our RV! Or Joe Scarborough (has a disabled son) or, better yet, Mika! Or any one of the Kardashians. Hmmm … But do feel free to share.

The interview was conducted by Jennifer Johannesen for her Conversation Library site. It is a collection of video-recorded conversations: remembered accounts, personal reflections, best advice. Organized by interviewee and topic. She designed it for people who wish to learn from the healthcare experiences of others, including patients, families of patients, clinicians, caregivers and interested friends.

Jennifer has been a patient advocate since the birth of her son Owen, who had multiple severe disabilities, in 1998. Owen passed away in 2010 at the age of 12.

Since then, Jennifer has written a book about her experiences and continues to speak and write about disability issues. Jennifer is also pursuing a Masters degree in Bioethics, due to complete in 2016. Wait until you see the interview I will do of her …

At the moment, The Conversation Library is her personal project, supported and funded solely by Jennifer.

While you are passing this link along to all your friends, tweeting and Facebooking it, I will be in Pearlsky’s last IEP. This Tuesday.

Who will be there you ask? Let’s see … me, her mother, the typical team from school, the school district’s lawyer, my lawyer, someone from the state’s department of adult social services (the adult version of child protective services), someone from one of the adult programs, etc.

Yeah, I’ll behave. Sure. Ain’t you glad I’m back?

(Speaking of back, who woke Ken up?)


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