We made a grown man cry

It was a beautiful day today so I went for a long walk with my daughter today. We went to the new pharmacy, CVS. I figured I would introduce her to the pharmicist so he would have an idea what all the crazy meds are about.

He came out from the back and I introduced him to my daughter. I would guess he is in his 40’s, nationality unknown, a quiet, nice guy. He says hello to my daughter and takes her hand. She brings it to her mouth (as she is want to do) and he lets her. He looks at me and says “she bit me” (lightly, not an issue) and I said, “That means she likes you.” To which he smiled.

As he was walking back, he turned to me, his eyes welled up, and said “I have kids. I have no idea what you are going through. Thanks for bringing her by.”


  1. By Richelle


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