What not to expect when you’re expecting

If you had a web site that was geared towards pregnant couples (yes, I know, it’s the woman who is pregnant) and couples with newborns, who is the last person in the world you would ask to write a guest post?

I am sitting around, minding my own business, and I get this email:

I just wanted to reach out and see if you would consider a possible partnership with What To Expect. There are several opportunities available and we’d love the chance to work with DisabledDaughter.com. Look forward to hearing from you!

Partnership Director

Strangely enough I get emails like this, and usually they are for dumb things and obviously junk. This one caught my eye so I checked out the website and it is legitimate. But wtf? Me?

So I wrote back simply one sentence:

Are you familiar with my blog at all?

And the response:

Hi SD,
I am, and the editors are as well. I know that you blog about extremely sensitive, and harder subjects than most bloggers. We are trying to give a voice, and some insight into the challenges faced by parents of disabled or special needs children. Although it is hard, there are parents out there that are newly going through it. We feel you might help new parents with their journey. We thought some insight into the early years would be beneficial to any other parents beginning their lives as you once did. Please let me know if this is something you’d like to help with. Have an amazing day.

I failed them in that I decidedly did not have an amazing day that day, but I did realize that a) I want to drink their Kool-Aid, and b) they did know who I am. So I wrote something, they posted it today, and well, here we are.

I want to welcome any new readers that have come here from there. Note that the readership here is fairly skewed towards parents of the disabled, anything from the higher functioning end of the autism spectrum (and I am sure I got the new words wrong), to epilepsy, strokes, undiagnosed stuff, severely disabled, you name it. Some of the readers are disabled, I know of a couple with cerebral palsy and other issues. Then there are the social workers. And the therapists, some special education professionals, a couple of medical students, one or two sicko stalkers who just like me, one or two who really don’t. Oh, and Ken.

Feel free to read; start at the beginning to really understand. If you are here and you just recently received “the news” about your child, and you think the world is going to end (trust me, however much you want it to, damn world never ends) then look at what many of us want to say to you, right now, having been there.

Welcome. Leave comments. Visit the blogs on my blog roll.

Women, you will need to put on your big girl panties. 😉  Men, you need to find your empathy, compassion and strength. Get ready for a wild ride.

Note that the What To Expect website is educational and a great resource. But it is also a fun read. Heck, today I learned that sperm is a superfood, that some women actually do have orgasms while giving birth, and why my boobs are killing me.

As for the regular readers, I will do a great update in a day or two. I met the mouse. What a manly tail. And, those of you who wrote me about peripheral neuropathy, do so again. And yes, more on Pearlsky. There is always more on Pearlsky.


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