Wheelchair update, wrap up, and time for a five year break …

Pearlsky’s wheelchair was hand delivered on Friday by the manufacturer, Sunrise Medical, and the DME, National Seating and Mobility. It took a couple of tries, but yes, Pearlsky has a wonderful new chair, just as her dad promised.

Is it perfect? Well, no. Is it close? Yes. Is it scratched? NO! Do the casters work? YES! Are dad and Pearlsky happy? YES.

What is the lesson here? Damned if I know. But when making an eight thousand dollar purchase, make sure it meets all your requirements, make sure it is in the proper delivered condition, make sure it does what it should, AND STAND UP FOR YOUR KID if not yourself!

Both companies understood the problems along the way and did try to do the right thing, and in the end, they did. In five years when we are due for a new chair, we intend to use the same vendors.

So, no more on the chair saga, it’s all here in the blog, and it has a happy ending. And the gentleman from Sunrise Medical was great, listened to lots of issues from a parental point of view, took some notes, said the right things, joined me and the RTS in a round of Turkish Coffee, and was great, … other than his misguided choice in baseball teams …

But, there are other wheelchair issues out there, not about our chair specifically, and you will hear me talking about them in due time.

Thank you Sunrise Medical and National Seating and Mobility.


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