“You either get tired fighting for peace, or you die.” ~John Lennon

Thanks for the information on vitamin B6. I got great responses both in private emails and the comments.

Guess who is back in the news again? Yes, the school nurses …

I’m going to keep this short since I, well, sort of have a bit of cleaning and prepping to do around the house. Mom and sister are coming for the holiday … still have not really explained to Pearlsky why my dad won’t be here. Yeah, I’m a wuss.

The typical school note came home today, no initials by the nurses for having given meds. The aide tells me that the nurses claim they do not need to send home any verification that meds were given since they log it on the computer at school.

I sent an email to the school administration, the investigator at the Department of Public Health, Office of Public Protection, and the Attorney General’s Chief of Civil Rights. The investigator writes me right back asking about my claim that minimally this violates the IEP. So I cut and paste …

At the beginning of each academic year, the parent will provide a medical order for each medication to be given at school. As per state regulations, the order must be signed by the physician and it will state the name of the medication, exact dosage, route and time of administration. Signed parental authorization is also required yearly, including over-the-counter medicines. All medication must be provided in a pharmacy labeled container. All medical issues, concerns and any change in medication will be communicated directly between the nursing staff and the parent. Pearlsky will receive her medically prescribed medicines in a medically timely manner. If in fact this is not possible, her parents will be notified immediately. Additionally, the nurse or the teacher will provide some notation that is sent home acknowledging that the medications were properly dispensed.

Upon getting that, the AG lawyer called the town lawyer and then called me.

Rest assured that tomorrow’s note will be initialed by the nurse. Contact me either way.

I then followed up with both the investigator and the AG lawyer …

Please note that the quote from Pearlsky’s IEP has been there for several years. Also note the attached, Pearlsky’s medical order. An identical medication form from Pearlsky’s doctors has been going to school every year, it clearly has the amino acid as a medication, the medication the nurses refused to give. I have been in complete compliance with the IEP and what is asked for.

My point is, the nurses have been in violation of the IEP for years.

Have I mentioned that I’m tired?


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