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Add it to the list …

I still really, really, really need to get an RV modified for Pearlsky and me and friends. And my plans are actually coming together somewhat. I did find this one … Clotho says that if it comes with those shoes, go for it! There is this woman I was supposed to marry (no, not the

Of Retarded Mice and Men

This post is different. This blows my mind, does involve Pearlsky a touch indirectly though. But it’s really cool. So, if you want, keep reading, hit the “Read more” button …


I suck as a blogger recently, I get that. Yeah, a lot is going on and I really need to share more. For me, if not for you. I recently gave a two hour talk to a graduate class at a local college, on growth attenuation. I then went back two weeks later to moderate

Simply morons

Quick review. Both my children, Pearlsky and David, have an amino acid disorder. They don’t make it, so they need to take it. There is no medical history (i.e.: literature) on the disorder before Pearlsky. Lucky us. The FDA considers amino acids a “food additive,” not a medicine. Pearlsky lives with me (duh) and David

“The first duty of love is to listen.” ~Paul Tillich

So when did you stop listening all night? As you may remember, I have been traveling. Nothing special happened, other than this of course. A somewhat new nanny stayed over with Pearlsky one of the nights. She has worked with the disabled before, but as I am known to point out, there is a real

Assorted updates

I sometimes link to articles that have to do with our “community” or some awful dumb legal thing, or whatever. Well, here is a link to a cute / fun blog post that is complementary to my last one, iPearlsky, where I talk about what defines me. I mentioned that David had a major seizure

Dangerous curves ahead

(Babe 1 created by Ken, here, and Babe 2 created by SingleDad) My mom tells me that the woman on the left will kill me, and the doctor today told me that with the woman on the right, there is no way to tell. What to do? Whatever … you take your chances. We went

iDisabledSon part two

Here is a very simplistic overview of some vision stuff, a bit of background. Light from the world enters our eyes, goes through the lens, and is projected on the back of the eyeball, the retina. The image is converted to a form that the optic nerve transfers to the brain and the brain actually