Yes, I can hear you now

Just need to share.

For the last twenty years or so I have always bought the car my parents were going to trade in. I have never been “into” cars, they take great care of theirs, and I give them what the dealer would. It works all around.

Tomorrow I am driving to see Mom for her birthday and since my bluetooth wireless cellphone ear thing is on the blink, I figured I would get the one in the car (2004 Accura TL, only the best for Mom and Dad) to work. With multiple engineering degrees, this would be simple.

First, I hit the buttons to clear any phones it already knew. Then I tried to add in the requisite numbers (Aphrodite, World’s Best Mom, nannies, etc.). It was not going well … A few hours into it (ok, twenty minutes) I figured I should listen to the names I entered to see what it thinks I am doing. I hit the button, said “Phonebook,” hit the button again and said “List” … and then it happened.

I hear my father’s voice saying my name. Then a dozen other names of friends and family. His phone list that was not cleared. Almost four months after his passing … “My Father the Car”? (American 1960’s sitcom reference)

Hey, wait, this blog is supposed to be about Pearlsky. … Ok, I got it …

I adore Pearlsky. So did Dad.


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