Isn’t a noose a “loop hole” ?

So my daughter goes to a summer camp about a forty minute drive. She does not stay in the school district since they do not have an appropriate program for her, so they send her out. That’s ok.

Her IEP (special school plan thing) specifies that she must have a nurse with her during any transport more than about a half mile. You see, she has a seizure disorder, gets car sick, and needs prescription meds many times a day.┬áLast summer the bus broke down and she was 3 hours late … thankfully the nurse was on the bus and gave her her meds.

So this year they want to save … well, I can’t be sure of their motive, but they want to skip the nurse on the bus. I am told that the one-on-one aide can give her her meds in an emergency. How is this so? What about liability?

Well, it turns out that the department of public health has a rule that on a field trip, a non-nurse can give prescription meds if properly trained.

On a field trip. The school district is now calling two months of summer camp, an hour and a half of travel every day, a “field trip.”

Oh, and the aide will not be allowed to give my daughter her special emergency medicine if in fact she has a seizure.

Ain’t gonna happen.

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