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Night Terrors

Fear of the night seems to be ingrained in us humans. The dark, the unknown. But for those of us in this community, I believe it takes on a different dimension. I remember being told when Pearlsky was leaving the neonatal intensive care unit that kids “like her” typically die at night. Sometimes it is

“It’s unfortunate that in an interview sometimes things can seem so black and white.” ~Gisele Bundchen

Don’t ever go into a room alone with a personable, intelligent, challenging, well-educated videographer / interviewer … you never know what will happen. And it may happen in three parts. Here is part one.

Answer: Carlo Ponti

We all have our fantasies, right? Some of us have fantasies involving Italian women, right? Hmmmm … Anyway, we all have our fantasies. If you are a reader of this blog, which at least some of you are, then you must share some of the same fantasies I have. I just know it. I, for

Do wits really have an end?

You have no idea how much I miss blogging. I am getting an idea how much you miss my blogging, and I must say I am extremely appreciative of those checking in to see if me and Pearlsky are okay. Seeing that “okay” is relative, I am not sure how to respond. Sure, we’re okay.

Water therapy, passports, and hell

I was doing some traveling recently and got a last minute invite to meet three great ladies … how could I refuse? Check out Claire’s blog for some insight (and pics) into our visit, with Sophie, at Niagara Falls, the Canadian side! It was fascinating spending time with Sophie and the inevitable comparisons to Pearlsky.

Here for the long haul

That last post got a lot of attention from all different angles. Here goes another, on the same topic, so make sure you have read it! My inner most thoughts in what should be my last post ever, but won’t be. Let’s start here … I make every decision for Pearlsky that there is. I

Define “despair”

Here is an article from the AP, reproduced in total. Mom of autistic daughter accused in murder-suicide try blogged her despair BEULAH, Mich. — Kelli Stapleton, the Michigan woman accused of trying to kill herself and her severely autistic daughter, blogged that day about how desperate she was feeling. “I have to admit that I’m

Hope I didn’t piss off their gods

It has been a week or so. I am getting pulled back into that hole. Trust me, this post does not scratch the surface. Pearlsky’s mom called last night. She wanted to tell me that David will be in town for a doctor’s appointment today. She was giving me about 12 hours notice. No, I