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It makes you or it breaks you

First, those of you who leave comments will notice a slight change. You can now leave a comment for an already existing comment, and they will “nest.” In other words, if you want to respond to a specific comment that has been left, you can! You will see a “reply” link associated with each comment.

“Absolute silence leads to sadness. It is the image of death.” ~Jean Jacques Rousseau

Some things are tough

Sometimes the stars align to smack you up side the head.

And the consolation prize goes to …

Trust me, I’m working up to a question for you with this post … Mom called as soon as she knew Dad passed. Being the mostĀ religiousĀ (yeah, me the freaking heathen, but alas, I am definitely the most knowledgeable of our religion, at least) Mom said to do whatever I felt was right. I did, while