I really know how to have fun!

Call a bunch of old guys, introduce yourself as your father’s son, and hear the old stories.

Actually, it’s not so bad. I just got off the phone with the best man at Dad’s wedding (58 years ago) and Dad’s 30 year golf partner, the only witness to Dad’s hole-in-one at the Bethpage golf course (no, not the Black for your golfies out there).

I went into Dad’s email account (I used to help him technically, he was ok with it) and got his contact list. Anyone Mom and I even barely recognized got a notice, a few got personal emails, and some phone calls.

Uggh. But I got great emails back, wonderful words. Dad started reunions for his Air Force class and was active in his alumni reunion, lots of people.

I spoke to the Department of Public Health, Office of Public Protection investigator who is looking into the nursing issues at school. She has sent the complaint to the head nurse who must respond in writing. We spoke for about an hour, I cleared up some stuff the investigator was not clear on. She asked me what I was hoping for.

Honestly, a public flogging, but I don’t think you do that anymore.

She said they don’t. Bummer.

I did tell her that the one thing that haunts me, that I think of everyday, that I thought about while burying my father and seeing that it was noon … that I would not know if the nurses gave Pearlsky her meds or not that day.

That phone call was from about 10 to 11 yesterday morning.

Four hours later, Pearlsky comes home. I check her sign-off list …

Now for the quiz portion of our blog post.

By a show of hands, how many people see a problem?

That’s right, folks. NO FREAKING 2:30 MEDS!

So, of course I try to call the nurses, no one answers the phone. I blast an email with the scan to the world (including the investigator, the attorney general’s office, the superintendent, etc.).

Then I send an email just to the investigator …

Do you remember what I told you was my biggest fear just a few hours ago?

To which I get …

Oh, yes.

Punchline … she did get the meds. I will tell you more about the emails tomorrow. I’m tired. But I wanted to post, and get back on track.

BTW: Thank you for all the great words, in the comments and in private emails.


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