Full disclosure

I have a couple of posts coming up and will be back to regular posting, I know it’s been intermittent. Working on posts on guilt, residence vs. not and how Pearlsky fits in, another tough email that I got, the work stuff that is oh so close, etc.

For now, a quick post with full disclosure.

Kelly brought Chris to his new residence today. This is the first time in his life that he won’t be living with mom and probably the first time ever away from her for more than a weekend … and of course vice versa. In one day, one fell swoop, everything changed. The medication schedule and feeding schedule go out the window. Now Chris is one of many, not an individual. Kelly is dealing, but wow, it’s a tough one.

The full disclosure? I personally know Kelly and Chris very well. She is an incredible woman dealing with many things in her family and life, and to use an expression I hate, she has a lot on her plate. Chris is a great kid, and I just love the picture of him on her blog. Go over and give her some support, or at least a read, I am sure she will be writing about today and the time to come. Trust me when I say we can all learn something from her, I have.

She’s the one in the support group, who, when asked where they will meet next, insists on asking “How come you never agree to meet at Joe’s bar. Damn, I could use a drink.”


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