Hitachi Magic Wand

There are lots of things I need to tell you, I will really try to do more posting. Big things with transition to adult day programs, wheel chair company begging me for YOUR feedback, and more. But here is something that has me pissed at the moment.

I have been going to Pearlsky’s school unannounced at least twice a day since the incident. She knows it, I have told her, and it is making a difference. Her stress is under control, we know that for a fact.

Anyway, I just walked in at the end of occupational therapy. I have always thought OT was a crock for her, but it is recommended and I go with it. There is always a new OT so the same old shit keeps happening over and over. Whatever, as they say.

I came in at the end. Pearlsky is in her chair with a tray. There is a switch to the upper left. Her aide is sitting to her right, the OT is sitting on Pearlsky’s left, her arm is stopping Pearlsky’s arm from moving to the left. Note that Pearlsky is usually moving her arms around, often to the left. And yes, Pearlsky keeps hitting the OT’s arm with her own.

The OT says “Let’s show daddy what you can do. If you want the Magic Massager, hit the switch once.” And with that said, the OT removes her arm from the tray, releasing Pearlsky’s arm, which she in turn swings, and hits the switch. Twice. The OT “corrects” her with “only hit the switch once” as she then once again blocks Pearlsky’s arm.

She proceeds to use the Magic Massager on Pearlsky. On her shoulder, by the way.

  1. “Pearlsky, hit the switch and daddy will shove the Magic Massager up the OT’s ass.”
  2. I have yet to meet a woman who would not hit a simple switch to have some time with the Magic Massager. So what’s the point?
  3. Why is it that the Magic Massager was pretty much the inverse shape of a mons pubis?

What are the laws regarding morons and idiots? Hell, I’d take a social worker over an OT any day …


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