“You either get tired fighting for peace, or you die.” ~John Lennon

I am tired of:

  1. My leg still hurting from my disc rupture, although I’m off all pain meds and getting better.
  2. Dealing with the wheelchair stuff. I’ll try to have faith that the manufacturer and the DME will come through.
  3. Pearlsky not just talking to us already. Maybe she has nothing to say. Her first words scare me.
  4. The time change thing with the clocks. I have these high tech clocks that automatically change the time on the old schedule, so in three weeks they will change and really mess me up.
  5. Obama.
  6. IEP meetings where these young idealistic women (why are they all women?) sit there and tell me how Pearlsky does reach her goals and will continue to, yet offer no real proof. They sit there all smiley. Why?
  7. Not writing about the good things in our life, there are plenty, I will write more of those as they involve Pearlsky.

I added a “translate” thingy to the posts, you can now read this blog in a gazillion different languages. Why? I noticed a couple of dozen hits from Slovakia! I went to the link, and, well, did not understand a thing, but it is a forum and someone posted about me. So for them, and whoever is studying a foreign language or just wants to see what it looks like if I post in Kiswahili, go for it!


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