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I have been swamped with a very exciting new business thing I’m working on (a geek web site to create a geek web community) and have been juggling lots of stuff. But here is an update, and a promise to be blogging more.

Remember the teacher who said in the Progress Report all those bad things? Well, he sent a new Progress Report where he completely re-wrote everything except …  the stupid thing. He did eliminate the we-are-putting-restraints on her thing, yes. But her progress report still says …

Pearlsky accesses her ‘yes’ or ‘more’ switch to communicate her want to continued an activity 1 out of 5 opportunities.

Her “want”? And if she prefers ‘no’ or ‘no more’ 4 out of 5 times, then she is 100% communicating, no? THERE IS ONLY ONE SWITCH!!!!!! (Are you aware that I hate idiots?)

Yes, in this state it is illegal for a medically trained person to just standby and watch a medical emergency where their training would help. Even worse if they leave. The first nurse on the bus (didn’t tell you about the second, yet) has known Pearlsky for 15 years, and I know she would intervene. The point is she was told not to. Then there is the second nurse the next day. I have never seen her. When asked, she too told me that she is not there for Pearlsky and is not to treat Pearlsky. She did say that if need be, she would probably do CPR. I asked if she knew anything about Pearlsky, she said “no.” She also did not know of Pearlsky’s emergency medicines in her locked backpack (Diastat, epi-pen, etc.), nor the combination to the lock. But this is just the ride to and from school, and I have ok’d a nurse not being on the van since it is just five blocks or so.

The kicker is that the head nurse often sends one of Jackie’s nurses on field trips to fulfill the IEP mandate that Pearlsky have a nurse with her on field trips. Hence, the head nurse is sending a nurse to care for Pearlsky who knows nothing about Pearlsky, her meds, etc. and is told she is not there for Pearlsky.

I will spare you those emails. After a day of making sure that everyone knew about this, the Assistant Superintendent calls me and we discuss it. At the end of the discussion, where we agree on the future, she asks me to confirm the decision with “everyone on your email list.” I can only assume she heard from the State Attorney General’s office. Here is that final email …

This is to follow-up on our phone call of this afternoon and to make sure that the issues are clear to all. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

Since last summer, at least, on most of Pearlsky’s field trips she was accompanied by “Jackie’s” nurse. As a matter of fact she could not go on some trips because “Jackie’s” nurse was not there. I have personally run into the students on some trips across town this school year where this was the case, only “Jackie’s” nurse was with the group. I have learned over the last few days that “Jackie’s” nurses are under the impression that they do not respond to Pearlsky, and we learned today that at least one has no idea of Pearlsky’s needs, her emergency medications, where they are, how to access them, nor how to respond for her.

You have assured me that from now on the nurse supervisor will not assign a nurse to accompany Pearlsky off campus if that nurse is not aware of Pearlsky’s emergency medications, their use and location, or her medical needs.

As for the bus trip between home and school, and back, it has been previously agreed that a nurse is not necessary. I have mentioned that to have a nurse on the van who, in the case of an emergency, has no idea of Pearlsky’s emergency medications or needs would lead to an unfortunate situation of the nurse just watching Pearlsky during an emergency and not being able to properly intervene.

I greatly appreciate your concerns and am very happy that there is finally an end to nurses being assigned to fulfill Pearlsky’s IEP mandates who have never been trained about, nor informed of, Pearlsky’s needs.

Thank you for your time and attention.

I hear that the head nurse is not happy with me. Ah, the joys of schadenfreude.


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