Thankfulness and warningness

I am thankful for the Stinger Wet/Dry vacuum and I will warn you, never ever never defrost a turkey in a sink full of water.

It is just possible that you put a frozen Butterball turkey, you use Butterball because they are actually pre-brined for you, and the frozen ones are brined at 8% where the fresh ones are brined at 4%, salt solution that is, so the frozen ones are actually better, but you need to defrost them, which brings us back to the possibility that you will defrost it in a sink full of water, but to get there you need to put the turkey, frozen, and did I say “pre-brined,” in the sink and then turn on the water, after stopping up the drain, and you let the water run, but you may be distracted by Aphrodite or Pearlsky, of which one is preferred, and if said distraction is while the sink is filling … well, that is when you learn to be thankful for the Stinger Wet/Dry vacuum, my hero.

Wishing any of you who celebrate such, a wonderful Thanksgiving, and a dry kitchen floor.


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