And now for something completely different …

Not so much about my daughter, but yes, about life and our uphill battles around here.

I have had the same guy cleaning my house for 22 years, every weekend for about 6 hours. At this point I love him like a brother, he attends our family stuff, etc. But he is “different.” In his 60’s, always single (straight), quiet, only eats food you would find in a diner in Kansas, but a great guy at heart. Still refers to my daughter as “the baby” even though she is older than her brother and 16 years old!

So he comes in last night, not to work, fiddling with keys. He hands me my key and says “it’s time to end.” No explanation, I ask why and he repeats “It is time.” And he leaves.

A half hour later he is back, hands me my ex-wife’s house key (no problem, I had a copy), tells me he won’t be there anymore. I ask if he is ok, he says yes. Still no explanation. He walks over to my daughter, faces her (never saw that before), says goodbye and kisses her on the forehead. He will normally talk to her, but not that close, and I don’t think he ever even touched her hand. He then leaves with a tear. No explanation.

I get a call this morning. He says “I forgot to ask you something, did the babysitter tell you she has been sleeping in my bed the last two months?”

“No, has she been?”

“Yes, you can have her now.” And he hangs up.

First, I don’t want her. Second, wow. Just wow.

He calls back a few hours later to tell me it is not about me at all. He says he can’t be in the house when she is here. I told him she has been fired, he did not know (!). I told him to think about it all and re-consider.

Good thing I fired her. I guess.

Twenty two years … I have no idea what is going on in his head … or bed.

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