Back, Jack, and do it again …

It’s official, the new (new, new? or is it the new, new, new?) wheelchair is being delivered tomorrow! How can we forget the first pass at it, seen here, with the scratches and non-wheeling wheels? Even more so, how can we forget this incredible must see video I found on the web that sums it up beautifully?

So, my two new best friends discussed in this post, Mala and Sandi from National Seating and Mobility have come through with what they believe to be the right chair for Pearlsky! But somehow I think they know that I am a bit “off my game” due to my disc injury, and I seem to sense a bit of “please make sure you take your full dose of narcotic pain killers tomorrow” in this snippet from an email I received this morning …

… it is important that you also know that there were a few minor scratches on the backposts, once again, and the VP of Quickie has been called about this. In light of your recent duct tape repairs, and perceived need for the chair, I had them complete assy anyway, and of course, if you’d like to have new backposts, we could have them changed out at your home, after delivery.

I am not sure what is meant by “perceived need” for the chair, but it does not matter. We get a new chair tomorrow!

So I told Pearlsky that she is finally getting her new chair, but it too is pre-scratched. And you know what happened? Pearlsky spoke her first words … yes, the first time she has ever communicated.

Scratched? WTF daddy?

More tomorrow, I’m sure.


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