Totally, completely creeped out …

I swear, I have not taken any of my meds tonight, none.

I rarely post twice in a day, but this one can’t wait. It just happened, and I am both sober and creeped out. In a good way, I think.

Pearlsky has a pretty hefty drug regiment. At the end of the day I give her three meds, wait a few minutes and then a Pediasure or two, and then four more meds. This is immediately followed by slipping on pajamas and going right to bed.

Right after the pajamas tonight, Pearlsky was acting up, usually she is pretty quiet. She was kicking and kept looking in my direction. Definitely something was different. I got her in her lift and into her bed where she always goes into a fetal position as I say goodnight. She would not go on her side and kept looking towards me and was making noise. It was weird.

What is it girl?

A strange way to phrase it, and I laughed to myself … the words Timmie would say to Lassie …

I said my good-nights, she got quiet as I left the room.

When I got back to the living room, I saw her last four meds … still in the oral syringes.

I grabbed them and walked into her room. I turned on the light, did not say anything, but I swear she turned and gave me a dirty look.

You knew I forgot these, huh?

She laughed.


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