“Fidelity to the subject’s thought and to his characteristic way of expressing himself is the sine qua non of journalistic quotation.” ~Janet Malcolm

I did not have a quotation about the subject I want to post about, so I found a quotation about quotations that intrigues me, hence the title to this post. A quote that I did find that does touch on the subject is this one, it is too long, and too obtuse, but I like it anyway:

The majority of persons choose their wives with as little prudence as they eat. They see a troll with nothing else to recommend her but a pair of thighs and choice hunkers, and so smart to void their seed that they marry her at once. They imagine they can live in marvelous contentment with handsome feet and ambrosial buttocks. Most men are accredited fools shortly after they leave the womb. ~Edward Dahlberg (1900–1977), U.S. author, critic. The Carnal Myth, ch. 1 (1968).

I am definitely an “ambrosial buttocks” kind of guy. But I digress.

So there is this woman that came into my life very peripherally a bit ago, I knew her 17 years ago from a program with Pearlsky, and she (the woman, not Pearlsky) found me again through a mutual friend, and whatever. We are not really friends, she is, well, different in some ways. After the court order, she is now leaving me alone, but I get this email last week and it has me thinking a bit. Note that she knows me personally (no where near as well as she thinks) and she does know of the blog.

Some bullets from her email:

  • Why do you write these blogs and sound so stressed and sad …  Don’t you think these people who care about you, should once in a while get some good news?

I hope my readers understand that there are several aspects to my life. There is Pearlsky, there is my work life, and there is my personal (social, other family) life. This is a blog about me and Pearlsky. I believe it is titled “Disabled Daughter.” La-duh as they say in France. This part of my life, and, well, it is stressful and sad. And sucks. But not always. I have written about hints of communication. I have written some positive things. I don’t talk about other aspects of my life (some of which are good) because I don’t think you care and that is not the point of the blog. But you do know a bit about Aphrodite (the gorgeous goddess like woman who is no longer around) and other things. I mention good things at work. How about the fact that I have a standing date (well, we do sit) every Thursday evening for dinner with a wonderful, young, gorgeous, double ABD (no, Ken, nothing to do with that) (finishing Ph.D. dissertations in two subjects) (stands for All But Dissertation) who also teaches belly dancing? Or the incredible everything one could ever want M & M team that, well, lights my life on fire and will forever? Life with Pearlsky is tough, sometimes very stressful and sometimes sad. But I do adore her and this blog is about us, Pearlsky and me.

  • You are very hard on some people (i.e. the blogger at the beginning) and myself when you should consider the person’s intent. Perhaps as with that blogger, people will surprise you.

She is referring to this post where I start out with:

You know things are bad when … a fellow blogger that you had some not so nice words with a few months ago writes you twice in one day to see if you are ok since you have not blogged in a while … and then also writes to offer words of support. Thanks, H. Actually, several of you have written and it is appreciated. More than you know.

Can someone tell me where I am “hard on” that fellow blogger? Is “Thanks, H.” mean? I don’t get it, but then, what do I know? WTF?

And she ends with the totally bizarre …

  • Does your hand ever get tired?

Typing? Self-fulfilling?

The email just baffled me and does not really matter. She says she has unsubscribed from the blog and won’t be reading it anymore … so it is all moot. I just thought I’d share.

What the hell is an “ambrosial buttocks” anyway? Feel free to send photos if you think you have one for my edification … and Ken, don’t make me tear my eyes out, ok pal?


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