Good thing I have my orange juice

I predict I am going to lose some readers today because of this post. You see, this post is going to be about my day yesterday since I have been asked to shed a bit more light on the life of Single Dad (sans Pearlsky). Other than changing names and obscuring places, I do not lie on this blog, there is no reason to, it is anonymous! But you see, my day yesterday, was a bit unbelievable and I think some of you may say to yourselves … “no, this can’t be true. No one has a life like that.” Or not. I do have boring days, occasionally, but usually they have some adventure. So I will give you a snapshot of the life of Single Dad, albeit the day was a bit more extraordinary than most.

The following email came in the night before, from David and Pearlsky’s mom (aka: Single Dad’s blunder):

i really need your help tomorrow.

David has a sudden app’t with Dr. H. at 9 AM.

Afterwards he needs to go to Smith Opticals (across the street) to be fitted for eyeglasses. It shouldn’t take too long, but I have to be at school to teach by 10:45, so I need to leave by 10:30.

I’ll be fasting for my colonoscopy the next day so I probably wont feel too great, either!

Can you help?

ie come to the hospital and take David to the eyeglass place if the Dr. H. appointment gets too late?


That is the first I knew of David coming into town, and although I had a good deal of work stuff scheduled, I cleared the morning.

My phone rings at six in the morning. Never a good sign. It is Freya, she is on her way to the emergency room. The last day or two she was starting to feel sick, this morning she woke up with horrendous pain and needed to deal with it, and had a fever. Seeing that her primary is over an hour away, she was going to her local ER.

I get Pearlsky on her bus at eight o’clock, and keep checking on Freya to see how she is doing. I quickly shower and do those manly morning things and rush over to the hospital to get there for when David arrives, at nine. I just make it. At 9:20 I call my ex to find out where she is, where David is, and why I am wasting my time. Freya is just leaving the ER (different hospital) after a shot, oral drugs, and a feeling awful.

I was going to call you and tell you they are running late.

Well you didn’t, and I am here.

Nice. So I spend some time shooting the shit with the doctor until David and my ex arrive, about 15 minutes later.

Half way through the appointment my cell vibrates. It feels good, but I digress. I look and it is my sister, very unusual for her to call during the day, so I leave the room and take the call.

I’m okay now.

Want to tell me more?

She bursts out crying.

I spent the night in a trauma center. My new boyfriend wrapped the car we were in around a tree. The car is totaled, I am badly banged up but the CT and x-rays were clean. They are still running tests on him.

Was he sober?

No answer.

OK, so I am with my son at the doctor, Freya is in an ER a few hours away, my sister is in a trauma center three hours away, but what the heck, I have my orange juice.

My ex is looking pale and says she does not feel well, it must be the prep she is doing. She tells me she needs to go home and asks if I can take David to the eyeglass place. I ask where it is, she assures me it is across the street and she leaves.

It is not across the street. I won’t put in the quote from my call to her because I know Barbara would object to my language. Heck, a longshoreman would.

It is all of 11 AM. Freya is a mess and hopefully at her house, I can’t get a hold of her. My sister is still in a trauma center, hurting, but ok. David is on his way back to the residential school a few hours away. All is good with the world.

About two o’clock in the afternoon, I’m minding my own business (i.e., drinking heavily) (ok, kidding, i.e.: wishing I was dead) and my cell phone rings. It’s mom. Also a very unusual time for her to call.

Are you busy?

No mom, just wishing I were dead, what’s up? (Did not say the dead part, I’m not that stupid)

My dentist is having me rush to the oral surgeon, so if you or your sister are looking for me, I will be home in a few hours, drugged.

My sister has not told mom of her adventure, obviously.

Mom is in her 70’s, capable but lives alone. This is not good, but seemingly no choice.

That was just before I got the email from the lawyer about Pearlsky’s school lunch “program” (see previous post).

And everyone is ok-ish. Sort of.

Good thing I have my orange juice.


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