Gotta love blogland …

As some of you know, I have a blog best-friend-in-the-whole-world. Well, he is if you don’t count all my other best friends, but that is besides the point.

So, my blog best-friend-in-the-whole-world wrote a post today and the gist of it is that his mom has been diagnosed with a thing that is, well, terminal. She sounds like a fighter and since some people do ok with this ailment, we hope she has a good shot at NOT being one of those that go downhill fast. This guy loves his mother (how bizarre, no?) and we all wish her the best with her fight, and him the support he needs and the strength to support his mom, no? So, what does some (other) commenter do? He writes a comment which, in essence says, “I am a medical [sic] person and I figured out my mom’s disease before the doctors, and her health fell like a rock. She will shortly be worse off than my severely disabled son!” I don’t get it. I know I am just a simple blogger, but is that supportive to hear? The blogger expresses his fears and feelings that his mother is terminally ill, and he is “consoled” with a story of someone who crashed and burned.

Isn’t part of this blogging thing, at least in our little corner of it here, to be supportive. Don’t we (“we” specifically being those in this “club,” dealing with our severely disabled children-students-clients on a daily basis) use our blogs as an outlet, a supportive place, an exchange of ideas? Luckily I have only a few examples as those above, I think most of us do get it.

“Wow” on the poll in the last post. About one in ten of you voted, and thanks to those that did. From the comments and the “others,” I guess there is another one or two in the “really” category that did not choose it. I don’t know if I buy that there are more “never” than “occasionally” but if true, that is great.

Claire has a post where she throws around the F-word for sport, but also claims to have received an email calling her a “Debbie Downer” (shouldn’t it be “Crestfallen Claire”?). I have no comment, but some annonymous person did …

You are SO NOT a Debbie Downer. I kind of think that we all need to be more Debbie Downerish. Dealing with serious disability doesn’t have much upside. Everything would be better if our family never suffered this catastrophic injury. I can barely remember what normal life was like, but I know it was about a million percent better.

On one hand, Japan and Libya put life into perspective (Erika’s and Elizabeth’s comments). But in the confines of my family, Pearlsky and David make my life as tough and complicated as any. That said, if Anyone is listening, ummm, how about a bit of a break, will ya? And cut one for Aphrodite while You’re at it. And all my blog best friends. And, while You’re at it, bless Ken, tell him I suggested it, just to piss him off. And a blessing for a troll for even a troll needs a break. Thanks.

Monday we see the chief of orthopedics at the other big city fancy shmancy children’s hospital for a second opinion on Pearlsky’s scoliosis. He is not a “spine guy” anymore, he was, but he is wonderful. He is the same guy that the day before David’s big hip and leg orthopedic surgery five or six years ago said to us “Are you sure you want to continue and do this? This is the riskiest case I have taken on and have handpicked the anesthesiologist and nurses.” Way to instill confidence, doc! He is brilliant, a very straight shooter, and I trust him tremendously. Since there is so much conflicting information and advice on scoliosis, and since I can’t get her in her brace by myself, I really want his opinion on it all. Not sure I will want to hear what he says.

Aria got to go home from the NICU! Wishing them the best …

I am playing with some survey software and thinking of trying one here. Send me any survey questions (multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc.) that you would be interested in seeing how others of us answer.


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