“Great souls suffer in silence.” ~Friedrich Schiller

I need your help here, folks. You see, I don’t have a typical normal kid so I don’t know what normal parents (ha!) do in some situations. Remember, Pearlsky has no communication, nada, zippo.

Your kid comes home with two fairly significant bruises on her forearm. Do you:

  1. Say “Oh, honey, what happened to your arm?”
  2. Say “Who did this to you!”
  3. Say under your breath, “I just hate this shit.”
Just wondering if I got it right. That was Tuesday.

Thursday the nanny calls in sick. That means I have to be home from when Pearlsky gets home through the rest of the day. No big deal, school ends at 2:45, she is usually home at 3:00.

I turn the corner and I see the van in front of our house, the ramp already down. Nervously looking at my watch … it’s 2:45! Time travel! Beam me home, Armond! Something is very wrong. The driver tells me “The aide brought her out early.” The aide ignores my questions to her.


Pearlsky was sitting on the school van outside her home BEFORE the end of the school day. There was no one at home.

This is completely unacceptable. Why was she sent home early. Why was I not notified?

I have no idea who was on the bus with her, the person would not look at me nor respond to my saying hello. Who was it? Is s/he trained in Pearlsky’s care?

Father and Guardian of Pearlsky

To which Mr. Pants-on-fire responds:

Hi SD,
I’m not exactly sure what the timing was like but I find it difficult to believe that Pearlsky was home by 2:45. I helped get her ready to go home myself by putting on her harness and poncho at 3:35 – 3:40 [sic]. She was still here, in the room then with roughly five min. before the school day ended and at that point she still had to walk over to the van, board and get home which I assume would take longer than five min. Her regular aide had to go home sick half way through the day and at that point S, who rode the van, and myself worked with Pearlsky until the end of the day.

If I somehow read my watch wrong and she arrived home earlier than I thought she would I apologize. She was not intentionally released early but I will try to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

The wonderful woman in charge of transportation did a bit of investigating and tells me:

Para [i.e.: aide] stated she was instructed to bring her out a bit early due to the weather.

As in previous issues, the teacher has an issue with the truth, it appears.

In the midst of all of this, I notice that on the daily note that comes home, the sections for snack, lunch and changing are all blank. This is a first, so I sent this email …

Besides sending Pearlsky home early, why did she not have a snack NOR lunch today? Are you castigating her for some issue?

And I get this astute response:

Just so there is no misunderstanding I am picking up a little bit of sarcasm in your email. I adore Pearlsky and would not ever let anything unpleasant happen to her. As I said in the earlier email her aide had to go home sick on a day where there were a number of other factors causing confusion. I fed Pearlsky lunch myself and saw the aide trying to give her a snack. In all of the confusion I forgot to initial her sheet and for this I apoligize [sic].

You know what pisses me off than the fact that it is unimportant (to him) to send home the information (all that was needed were two initials) … what really incensed me?

I adore Pearlsky …

1: to worship or honor as a deity or as divine
2: to regard with loving admiration and devotion

Learn English you moron. (see this short post) If you really adore Pearlsky, I’m getting a court order.


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