Guess a twelve digit number …

The pharmacy tells me that my daughter’s new prior authorizations are not going through. I need to pay lots of money for her refills. I call the insurance company and they say that back in May they issued everyone new member ID numbers and the old ones are no good anymore. Since the insurance is under my daughter’s mother’s name, they cannot tell me the new number! My ex is in Europe and, contrary to her claims of being in touch, is unreachable. I guess my email to her says it all …

You were given new insurance numbers for the kids months ago and never gave them to me.

You never gave the insurance company permission to speak to me.

I am out hundred’s of dollars because her PAs are all getting rejected because no one except you has the number and even her doctor’s office can’t get it.

Your phone has been off for a long time.

Do you have her insurance  number and would you be kind enough to give it to me?


Got her on the phone. Won’t go into that phone call … but later got a response to the email. In all fairness, here it is:

You have my most profound apologies. I meant to give you that card before I left, when I came over for the last time, but it totally slipped my mind. Then it stayed in the back of the wallet I didn’t use all summer, so I only found it when you called, and it took me a while to remember why it was there. Duh.

Anyway, I’m really sorry. The last thing I want to do is create more work for you, but I’m afraid that’s exactly what happened. Could I make some phone calls on Friday? send some faxes? take over the mess?

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