I never took hallucinogenic drugs because I never wanted my consciousness expanded one unnecessary iota. ~Fran Lebowitz

So, my daughter is out of her Trazodone (non-essential yet very important) and her Depakene (as essential as it gets) will run out this weekend. She needs the brand name version of Depakene, the generic just does not work as well, and for that the insurance company needs a “P.A.” (Prior Approval) from the doctor. The old one at the closed pharmacy cannot be transfered.

My actual email to the hospital …

Neurology Nurses:

I have NO idea who to even talk to about this, but it is getting crazy. Can someone PLEASE advise. I left a phone message for D but her message is out of date and I am not sure if she will get it.

CVS “claims” they have twice faxed Dr. C for a renewal of my daughter’s Trazodone (50 mg at bedtime) prescription and have not received it. We are out.

Additionally, CVS “claims” that they never received a “valid PA” for her Depakene, thus charging me $80 and I am now out of pocket over $400 for her meds. The pharmacist asked if I wanted to have them hold it until there was a valid PA, I told him clearly that we would run out this weekend and she would seize. His response? He looked me in the eye and said, “Well it is up to you.” This is the level of pukes I am dealing with.

Can someone help with the prescription and the PA?

Then I get a bizarre call from someone not on the cc list. Here is my email after that call …

I just had a bizarre conversation with N about the PA. She asked if my daughter  “always” got the brand Depakene. I said “No, when she started, about 12 years ago, she was on the generic and we had problems so we switched.” And she said, “So then she’s always been on it?” And I repeated, “No, not always, we started on the generic and had to switch about 12 years ago.” And, she repeated, “Yeah, but always?”

I was under the impression that “always” was, well, always. Must be me.

Note that it is important that the insurance company know we tried the generic and it did not work.
We got the drugs at dinner time, I gave them the $80 and another adventure has come and gone.

Just to make sure I know that I don’t have the exclusive license to child stuff, my best friend’s six year old daughter had a stroke this week. Yes, a stroke. What a sense of humor that god guy has, no?


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