I told you so!

Something came up with my son. Not a big deal, but needed to be dealt with. Remember my ex is out of the country for eight weeks, and as always, assured me she would be instantly reachable. You know, phones, internet, etc. yeah, right.

Anyway, I call my ex. No answer, and it is around 11:00 at night … Hey, she said she would be available as I posted recently. But alas, no internet, does not answer the phone.

I call again 10 minutes later. Nada.

Another 10 minutes and a gentleman answers, in the language of where she is. With my three words of that language and his 10 of English I discover that my ex left her purse in some restaurant.

It takes me 45 minutes to find her husband’s cell number. I call him, as usual he is rude when he hears my voice, and puts on my ex.

Why are you calling on this phone?

Because your f–king phone is in the St.¬†Francis restaurant. Along with your purse. Glad you can stay in touch.

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