Incensed – not a pleasant smell …

Understand that the 1 on 1 aide that my daughter has at day camp is the same twit nanny that I fired a few weeks ago from the house. I really figured that with all the others around she could only do a good job. Also know that the camp director’s sister lives with him and his wife, and she is disabled. With that in mind, herewith is the email I just wrote, names omitted to protect the innocent …

Subject: Absolutely livid


I am besides myself, my hands are actually shaking as I write this.

At first it may not seem like a big deal to you, but stick with me here. My daughter came home from camp without wearing her bra, in a wet t-shirt. I am outraged and incensed and that is no exaggeration.

1. Her 1 on 1 aide wrote in the book that my daughter’s bra was "dirty" so she took it off. I looked at it, her afternoon PCA looked at it, and it is not dirty to the point of anything being an issue at all. Even if it was, so what?

"He [sic] braw [sic] was a bit dirty so she just has a T Shirt [sic]."

2. Every day, I repeat, every day that M worked for us in the house, she was told that my daughter needed to be properly dressed, and specifically mentioned her bra, when around other people. It turns out to be one of the reasons she no longer works in the house, one of many, was that my daughter was braless at a very inappropriate time.

3. It is wrong on so many levels. My daughter is 85 pounds, thin, and wears a 34-C. Need I say more? How dare she be paraded around camp in such an undignified and inappropriate manner.

4. Please, honestly, tell me what your reaction would be if your sister came home from her day program without her underwear?

It was bad when my daughter did not bring home her new bathing suit and towel. Then it was bad when she did not come home with all the pieces of her wheelchair. Then it was bad when her notebook did not come home.

Now she is coming home not fully dressed and in my mind, not decent.



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