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First let me say loud and clear I am boycotting Elizabeth’s blog forever. And ever. She puts up this post, it’s a giveaway of a hot brunette. Or is it the oak tree? No, wait, it’s the orange dress the brunette is wearing while leaning on the tree. Anyway, I would look really hot in that dress, so I enter her contest. Then she hires some kid to pick a name out of a bowl, and I freaking lose! Or rather, I freaking don’t win. I would look soooo good in that dress, and now the world will never know.

Second, I don’t know what it is about these give-a-ways. Maybe I need to do one …

But wait, there’s more! Now he of Marissa’s Bunny, Marissa’s dad, is joining in. You may know Marissa, three years old, infantile spasms, and the love of her dad’s life. Anyway, Mr. Marissa’s Bunny is giving away 5 iPads! Yes, and if you act today, he will throw in a free box to ship it in to you! All you need to do is go here and tell him why your special needs kid could benefit from an iPad. If you want to cheat, just ask Claire for some help, she writes about Sophie and her iPad here. So, seriously, check out what Marissa’s dad has to say, and see if YOU can win something. Me? I’m such a loser … (thanks again, Elizabeth …) Even if you don’t want an iPad, PLEASE look at what he says by clicking here so he sees all this traffic from my blog, and I win! Well, in my mind.

Okay, I’ll join in. By going to look at the iPad giveaway, you are automatically entered in my contest (rigged so that I win), to win an 8 x 10 color glossy, autographed, of Ken in that orange dress


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