“It’s okay to eat fish because they don’t have any feelings.” ~Kurt Cobain

We see most of our doctors in a major children’s hospital in a major city. Usually the appointments are in the doctor’s clinic, a very busy time. I have no problem with that.

Before seeing the doctor, our name is called and we go into some room, usually with a young non-doctor type for my daughter to be weighed (in only a diaper), measured, what have you. The room usually has just one door, but in some clinics it has two and doctors and others walk through it.

I have always closed the doors, and almost always had a bad reaction. One woman told me that people needed to walk through! I honestly said

Fine, if you are standing here in your underwear as you want my daughter to, then we leave the door open.

What is with these people? Or is it me? A bit of decency. Yes, even when she was five or six. Am I wrong? And now, when she is a teenager? It is absurd that they have no empathy.

Now it is easier. They ask me to put her on the scale. I simply say

No, I don’t pick her up anymore.

It is true, we use lifts in the house … she is almost 90 pounds. And they don’t have a lift, why I can’t imagine. There is some push back where I am told how the doctor needs to know her weight, etc. I usually shrug and say “Then have the doctor pick her up and put her on the scale.” I should not be rude, but I am so tired of this.

Okay, do you know how much she weighs?

Yes, 88 pounds last week.

How do you know?

I use a fish scale.

And I smile at her puzzled look.


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