It’s only funny if it’s true [UPDATED]

An old man is drowning in the sea, struggling to stay afloat.

A boat comes by …

Old man, take the rope, we will save you!

No, thank you, God will save me, I will be fine.

They leave. The man is losing his last bit of strength.

A helicopter hovers overhead. They drop a basket on a rope and over a loud speaker …

Old man, get in the basket, we will save you!

No, thank you, God will save me, I will be fine.

They leave. The old man loses the struggle, drowns.

He arrives at the gates of heaven. Angry, he walks up to the gate keeper and says …

Tell me, tell me why god let me die? Why did he not save me?

Who the hell do you think sent the boat and the helicopter?

What does this have to do with your life?

In the comments, Erika mentions The Book of Esther where God herself is not mentioned but the savior of the people is possibly sent by God. And the one who saves them? Esther, a woman of, well, questionable repute. Who would have guessed? Yes, the help that comes may not be recognized as to its origins, for an assumed lady of the evening, or at least one who knew how to use her womanly charms, saved a people.

Elizabeth mentions an article she wrote concerning potential divine interactions she has had, a great read. And, like Erika, asks about my take on the joke.

Before that, I received a comment from Beruriah, check out her blog, proof that courage does indeed have its rewards.

OK, the joke. It makes me think, why is the old man drowning? Did God push him off a cruise ship? Had God “turned aside” and let something happen? Did S/He lose focus when my children were in utero? And are the boat and the helicopter sent out of guilt?

Who am I to ignore help? I don’t think any of us do. We just need to balance and understand what help is there. I can actually say the only reason my children are alive today is because this man was a prick. Was that fate? A message from a god? At times, we have walked out in the midst of doctor appointments having made the decision that Cerberus sent this doctor, not a god.

As parents in the position we are in, we are making these decisions often. Is this safe for my kid? Will it help? Will it hurt? Is God paying attention, or yet again, has S/He turned aside? I stand behind every decision I make, even though I learned long ago, I rarely know if I made a right decision. By that I mean, every one is followed by “maybe I should have done the other … maybe that would have been better …”

As I have said before, God works in mysterous ways. Some of them suck.

I will never question if you missed an oppurtunity, did not see that angel, did the right or wrong thing. It is not for me to question. I firmly believe that if you get all the knowledge you can, and make an informed decision, you should be supported to the hilt. And my friends know I live that … whether or not I agree, if you make a truly informed decision, I support you. Period.

And please support me. Even if I drown.


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