Just another Sunday

Just a compilation of things while I am busy writing a real post …

  1. Damn, not a single Father’s Day card. No one cares …   😉
  2. Several people have brought this article to my attention, turns out I read it yesterday, but thanks to all for mentioning it. Everyone else should read it, “A Struggle to Educate the Severely Disabled” in the New York Times. Go ahead, read it. The comments on it are longer than the article itself!
  3. Now that you read that article, notice (FINALLY) the new Poll of The Day on the right. Please vote!
  4. Because I am a geek, I can see how people find this blog. I am fascinated by the search terms used (i.e.: the words one enters into Google or Bing, etc.). All too often there is “dad and daughter” and that person takes a five second look at the blog and leaves … sorry, there may be what some consider porn here, but not what those pigs are looking for. I took a look today to see if there were any Father’s Day related searches, my favorite (and, at the same time, least favorite) is a bit more than halfway down the list.


“fathers day cards for people who ate their dad”???

“Happy Father’s Day … Love, Hannibal”?


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