Just pee in this cup …

We went to the clinic in the hospital today to see if Pearlsky has a urinary tract infection. We have known this doctor for about 15 years, she was not in today, and we knew that her nurse would do the test. Here is the email I just sent the doctor.

We saw your nurse this morning, you should know it took her four catheters! She just could not get it right. I am not too upset because Pearlsky handled it well. It worked  … eventually.

What really got me was the concept of looking in Pearlsky’s ears (or not). The school nurse said they were totally clogged with wax a week or so ago. I used those drops a couple of times (Deprox) and stuff happened, I think. I did not want to ask the school nurse to look again since one never knows what they will come up with.

I bought an otoscope and looked, but I have no idea what I am looking at. Well, sort of. I think I saw an ear drum and some wax, but nothing like the armageddon that the nurse described.

The thing that shocked me was when the nurse said that she could not look in her ears! She said that she is a “nurse” and not a “nurse practitioner.” My only reaction was “You can stick a rubber tube into her bladder four times but cannot look in her ear?” … to which she said “yes.”

I am dumbfounded, but then, that is not unusual.

As brief snapshot of my life … I get a call earlier today asking for advice from a long time close friend, a single mom. It turns out she took the family digital camera this morning to take some pictures. She then went to retrieve them and found a video that had been taken with said camera. The video was of her 20 year-old son’s best friend’s wife. Naked. Masturbating. Explicitly.

My advice? Why, send it to me, of course.

(And to let him know you saw it, that it was inappropriate to be on the camera, and that you did not want to know who took it.)

(No, she has not sent it to me. Yet.)

(Bitch.)   😉


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