Laborious update

It’s been a very stressful few days, and the next two weeks even more so. I want to get out a quick update now … and yes, I will be posting regularly, especially this week as school starts.

We are done with the Cipro! Finished the course on Saturday. The fellow gave her a 7-day run, normal UTI’s get 3 days, severe get 7-10 days, I did eight. She seems to be doing pretty good. We have some non-nuclear scan scheduled for October to check her kidneys and the reflux. I am trying to make that sooner.

And today’s stock tip du jour:

Anti-biotic … pro-biotic … gut wars, gotta love it! We just call them “bugs” around here. There are lots of brands of these probiotic things, and there is yogurt with live cultures, etc. This brand has been recommended to us the most often by doctors. Unfortunately it is more expensive than others ($14.01 for 30 on Amazon – a good price) and there are coupons on their web site. Three a day during a course of antibiotics, but don’t forget to start them right away, or, well, you’ll be playing catch-up and clean-up.


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