Lazy Sunday … not!

Whatever wheelchair we end up with (and I think it will be number 4, not sure), I needed to make the door to Pearlsky’s room a bit wider. Every time I make the turn from the hallway into her room I end up taking out a small piece of the wall or the doorway … so, this morning I installed offset hinges on her door. What, pray tell, are offset hinges?


No, her room is not painted ugly purple, by the way.

And speaking of wheelchairs, we are still using her old one. Remember, numbers one and two were returned, we still have number three, but she pushes her butt forward and it does not work at zero tilt. It has been gathering dust. I spent an hour or so on changing the configuration today. I moved where the seatbelt was mounted, I moved the mounting of the safety chest harness, I moved the placement of the footrest plate, I removed the wheel handrail things, and I moved the laterals. I also found more scratches and probably produced a few of my own. The key is to see if she is more comfortable in this configuration and if she stays sitting properly (or at least “properly” in my mind).

And now I need to cook for guests, entertain Pearlsky for a while (although, watching me cook is very entertaining), install this new pull up bar thing which will give me upper body strength like I used to have so that I will be under the mistaken impression that I won’t hurt my back again and figure out what color to paint Pearlsky’s room.

Simply a lazy Sunday.


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