Makeup sex

OK, ladies, I need to understand some things and I seek your help. I know that you wear makeup and fancy clothes and stuff for different reasons. I understand that there is lots that I don’t want to know, such as more on the rumor I hear that you pluck hair from places I don’t want to know.

I know that some young women put on lots of makeup and tight clothes and go out to a bar with the sole goal of “making whoopee.” On the other hand, there are happily married monogamous women I know who won’t even walk the dog in their own back yard until they have mascara and lipstick on just right.

I have learned that you cannot buy a bra at Victoria’s Secret that does not have pads in it to fake out guys, which I never understood since if they work, we eventually find out it’s all a fraud, but my point is that even the bras for, um, well, “healthy” women have them, which boggles my small male mind (small mind, big … heart?).

What about high school “girls”? Why do they dress as they do? And makeup? That seems to start in the early teens, but to what end? To look “pretty”? To be more accepted? To look grown up? To not look ugly?

Is lipstick and mascara sexual by default? If so, is that the only reason you use it? Does shaving your legs make you look less masculine, sexier, or prettier? Which is less sexual … bra-less, a sports bra, or a Victoria Secret super magic miracle in-your-face bra?

Should her ears be pierced? Her navel? And if so, should she wear those shirts that show her midriff?

I have always wanted, and still want, Pearlsky to blend in as much as possible. Her wheelchair is a sparkly black as opposed to other available colors such as glow in the dark, toxic green or yellow (seriously, see the color chart). She wears sneakers over her AFO’s and not three inch red stilettos (which might be tough in a stander). When we go clothes shopping, I look for the saleswoman in her early 20’s and always ask her “what’s in?”

Yes, I know Pearlsky will never really blend in, so maybe it is so she stands out less?

There are those who force mastectomies and hysterectomies on their disabled young daughters in order to “avoid sexualization.” That is abhorrent, illegal and overboard. I, too, do not want my daughter sexualized but I do want her to fit in in other respects. Why should she not be as pretty as she can be … and by what standard of “pretty”?

She is dark haired … do I shave her legs in the summertime when she is in shorts and swimming? Should she wear nail polish? Lipstick? (Those two are probably impractical, but still). How about mascara? If not, why do you? Being a teenager, her skin occasionally breaks out, especially in rhythm with her cycle. Should I try to minimize any acne-like activity? If so, how does that reasoning differ from mascara which would only highlight her beautiful eyes. But then, do I want to highlight anything beautiful about her? If so, why? Why not?

Why can’t a girl be more like a boy …


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