When my daughter was five we had her tested for allergies, we knew she had some. Turns out the problematic ones are peanuts and cats. The allergy test consists of over a dozen pin pricks (no, did not hurt her much) that you then watch for a bit to see which react. The reaction to “cat” was so pronounced that the spots next to it could not be accurately read! It was so bad that the doctor was walking into the room, and from about 10 feet away said “my word!”

We immediately found appropriate homes for the two cats.

Four years later her mother and I divorce. Extremely friendly (still close friends). She moves two blocks away with my son. A few months later her future husband moves in with her. Within a month he calls a friend who has had his cat for the last year or so and asks for it back.

My daughter has never been able to go to her mother’s house because of the cat. She has never been to her brother’s house. When I would go to visit my son, I could not sit anywhere, there was visible shedding all over.

And my ex wonders why I get infuriated when she calls to tell me some stupid story about the cat.

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